2 Oct

Work in progress

Last night I was working on the Front Video Bumper that will be used in all of the video lessons. I still have the back one to do, and then I’ll nail down the format for it. The hardest part was recording the bass in Cakewalk.

I had played the drums and recorded them within the digital drums themselves, then set up for recording and hit the play button. No issues whatsoever. Levels were perfect. Recording the bass part for it was a huge PITA though. I finally had to plug into a direct box (lesson forthcoming), then use an XLR  cable out of the direct box in order to get levels that weren’t heavily distorted.

Anyway, here’s the bumper for the intro for future video lessons…

26 Sep

Testing…testing…is this thing on?

I am still working out some kinks with doing video. Tonight, I was testing a new webcam, which I think will work out pretty well, as far as showing exactly what I’m playing. I also shot some video that will be used for the bumpers (the intro and exit video clips). I need to edit it and pick some music for it.

Lesson content coming really soon…I promise…



21 Jul

Tuning up…

After a lengthy break (in which I wrote and recorded a 6 song debut EP for a band project agentsofmad ), I am turning my attention back towards this project. The goal is very simple: become a badass bass player. Along the way, I will document the steps that I take towards that goal.

The criteria is also simple: specific styles of music are not required, specific gear (other that an electric four string or five string bass) is not required, and specific skill levels are not required (there’s a beginner’s corner for the newcomers; all others, use the stage entrance in the back.)

I’m looking forward to this project becoming a reality and my sincerest hope is that I can help someone else achieve their dreams of becoming a badass bass player as well.